About Aerocom Healthcare

Based in Denver, Colorado, Aerocom Healthcare is the exclusive provider of Aerocom pneumatic tube systems for the healthcare market in North America, offering complete system design consulting, BIM coordination, installation and project management support for hospitals.  We work closely with architects, consultants and general contractors to ensure a smooth design process and flawless project execution.

Aerocom Healthcare is staffed by professionals with years of pneumatic tube system experience.  As a result, our consultation, system analysis and design, and project execution meets high customer expectations.  Our solution improves workflow, shortens turnaround time, reduces waste and human error, and enhances patient outcomes. Aerocom Healthcare is a member of Atreo Group, a company that helps healthcare facilities run more efficiently by providing solutions that contribute to better patient outcomes, higher employee satisfaction and lower long-term infrastructure and facilities costs.

Aerocom Healthcare Overview:

  • Based in Denver, Colorado
  • 40+ years of experience in automated materials logistics systems for healthcare
  • A member of the Atreo Group, a company specializing in material logistics solutions and service.

Aerocom worldwide:

  • World leader in pneumatic tube systems
  • 1,300 hospitals
  • Customers in 80 countries
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Stuttgart, Germany

Aerocom Healthcare | 1810 Blake Street | Denver, CO 80202 | 844.819.5897