Blood Bank Solutions

High Speed Carrier 1Time is critical when transporting blood to a patient in need. The right pneumatic tube system will provide verification that your important payload was delivered to the correct recipient at the correct time. Aerocom pneumatic tube systems are engineered to link all the critical elements together – sender, carrier, recipient and time. Getting the right blood product to the patient quickly and precisely is what assures quality patient care.

Time stamp from start to finish:

Aerocom’s  chain-of-custody solution provides a complete audit trail to track transactions.  

Leak-proof carriers for safety:

Aerocom’s leak-proof, anti-microbial carrier assures safe delivery of liquid contents.  A variety of secondary packaging options are available. 

Slow it Down

Aerocom’s variable speed drive enables you to slow the speed of sensitive blood products to reduce agitation during transport. 

Aerocom’s blood bank solution provides the assurance that blood products are transported securely, softly and tracked from start to finish.