Laboratory Solutions

Lab picture 1Every hospital lab needs to minimize turnaround time and enhance workflow efficiency to deliver accurate and timely results for rapid patient diagnoses and treatment.  Aerocom has designed solutions around the needs of the lab.

Time-saving solutions

RFIDSecure, track and notify incoming specimens:  Aerocom’s chain-of-custody solution enables the lab to view incoming carriers and be provided with a complete audit trail of each transaction.

Ride the rails:  Aerocom’s laboratory receiving station features a guide-rail system that provides soft and quiet carrier arrival while providing more storage capacity than traditional stations.  This station works in combination with a sending station that queues multiple empties at a time.

Slow for go:  Aerocom offers a variable speed drive that slows high-value, fragile specimens for soft delivery while speeding empties to their home destination.

Leak-Proof, Not Just Leak-Resistant:  Aerocom’s leak-proof carrier is easy to use and provides maximum protection – ideal for sending liquid contents.  It is also anti-microbial, reducing the risk of transmitting infectious bacteria.  A wide variety of carrier inserts for secure delivery are available.