Pharmacy Solutions

Hospital pharmacies must deliver the right meds to the right patient at the right time. Medications that are lost or delayed negatively impacts patient care. Rapid and precise delivery of drugs supports the mission of pharmacies to achieve excellent patient care. Aerocom delivers a system that secures user access and tracks carrier transport without disrupting workflow. Achieve rapid delivery of non-routine orders, stat orders and new orders with Aerocom.

Secure, Track and Verify Delivery: Aerocom enables the pharmacy to track delivery. High-value or high-risk medications, including narcotics, are delivered to the right hands at the right time, providing a reliable audit trail while reducing the potential for human error.

Send them home: Each carrier is designated a “home” station after delivering contents. For example, if a carrier is sent from the pharmacy to the ER, after the carrier is returned into the system it will automatically return to the pharmacy. This feature helps keep carriers used to send medications separate from those used to send blood or specimens. It also assures availability when carriers are needed.

Proper Packaging and Instructions: Aerocom offers directions and specific packaging and inserts for the proper and safe transport of cytostatic drugs.

Accountability, security and safety are what make the Aerocom system the pharmacy’s best aid.