Aerocom provides a variety of 4” and 6” tube systems stations, each addressing different applications and requirements.  Aerocom stations conserve space compared to competitive systems, do not require finishing work, are easy to relocate, and are quiet (under 50 dB) and highly reliable.  Each station is designed for ergonomics, efficient access, ease of use and traffic handling.  Aerocom stations have an integrated bypass to ensure that no contaminated air is released.

Titan Station – This unit is available with Pass-Thru design, enabling carriers to “pass thru” the station in route to its destination.  Titan is available with RFID tracking and an easy-to-use LED display and touch-screen displays are available.Touch Screen Display_komprimiert

High Capacity Lab Solution:   Aerocom offers a unique Rail Station for receiving multiple carriers while used in conjunction with a multi-load station for sending empties.  This configuration enables more efficient workflow than conventional tube system stations.  The return station is fully automatic saving staff time per carrier sent.

Wall-Mounted and Recessed Stations:  Other configurations for 4-inch and 6-inch wall-mounted or recessed send/receive or end-station designs are available.