What’s Different

What make Aerocom Healthcare Different in North America?

Feature Aerocom
Complete chain-of-custody (RFID) linked to hospital database
Real-time system monitoring at stations
Pass-Thru Design:  Lower cost, less piping, more efficient transport
High capacity lab solutions with rail station/multi-empty carrier queuing
Lower energy requirements with centralized 24-volt DC supply
100% factory tested components and assemblies
Simplified inventory with common motors and boards
Automatic empty carrier return solution
Leak-proof carriers, not just leak-resistant
High-traffic handing solutions with less equipment and space required
Smallest footprint for system installation
Contaminated air never enters hospital

Pass-Thru: A More Efficient Design Concept

Unlike conventional systems with up send/down receive stations, a Pass-Thru design enables carriers to “pass-thru” the station as it travels to its destination without the need to be routed through other system diverters. As a result, the design requires less piping, shorter travel distances and reduced installation costs. This design saves carrier transfer time and reduces coveted interstitial space.

Tracking, Notification and Security for a Complete Chain-of-Custody Solution

Imagine every transaction you send and receive identifies the contents, carrier and users.  The confidence that every carrier sent is received by the right person at the right station at the right time is verified by Aerocom’s Chain-of-Custody Solution.  A combination of RFID technology with card swipe or pin code assures that payloads are delivered to the right person at the right time.

  1. Security: Personnel are identified by RFID card, magnetic card or User pin-code
  2. Tracking: RFID carrier tracking through the system
  3. Transaction linked with hospital database

Monitors in key departments such as the laboratory enable real-time viewing of transactions.  Complete chain of custody enables hospital departments to assure that items important to patients and staff, such as blood products and pharmaceuticals, are delivered quickly and precisely.

High Traffic Handling Capabilities

Smaller hospitals can take advantage of a single-zone system on a limited budget while achieving a quick ROI.  For larger, more complex systems, Aerocom can interconnect more than 1,000 stations on 128 independently operating zones. Aerocom’s DirectConnect units dramatically reduce wait times while increasing throughput.

Aerocom offers a technology where transactions between many zones intersect and are rapidly transferred to the correct zone to complete a transaction.  The device has the ability to connect up to 21 zones in a single space-saving unit.  Multiple units can be installed in large multi-building campuses that experience a large number of transactions and require high throughput across long distances.

Quiet Stations and Components

A quiet hospital is essential to creating a healing environment.  Aerocom stations, blowers and diverters are designed to minimize noise and reduce carrier impact upon station arrival.


Through lower energy requirements, less pipe installation, more efficient design and ongoing system support, Aerocom delivers superior cost of ownership for hospitals over the long haul.